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Remediation Services

Technology Evaluation

Ursus can assist you with the technology evaluation for the remediation approach. Ursus will work with you and the regulatory agency in developing an approach to meet the regulatory site requirements. Ursus has the expertise to develop a remedial plan, evaluate treatment alternatives, and assist in the field implementation.

On-site Assistance

Ursus offers on-site assistance for implementation of the remedial approach. Ursus will assist the client through the application of the treatment chemistry and management of the on-site treatment process. Optimizing field treatment results in significant savings by reducing the number of re-treatments, minimize chemistry overdosing, monitor chemical distribution, and utilizing field screening methodologies to reduce time and costs associated with testing.

Full scale remediation services

Full scale remediation in conjunction with on-site assistance is available. In this capacity, Ursus will conduct the chemical application, oversee treatment chemical delivery and storage, and deliver services to meet project goals and timelines.
  • Ex-situ application
    • Open excavation mixing
    • Liquid spray application
  • In-situ application
    • Chemical injection
    • In-place mixing

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